Elevator Cabin Stonehenge Model

As a general feature, our STONEHENGE model elevator cabin is designed by special imported special stone.

Cabin Interior Covering Horizontal special stone
Cabin Interior Accessories Black Mirror Stainless Steel
Cabin Interior Mirror 1/3 2 pieces full height, 6 mm bisote mirror
Cabin Floor 20 mm Special Natural Granite
Cabin Ceiling Interior opening, mirror St. St., laser cut with indirect lighting
Cabin Handrails Four handrails stainless steel
Cabin Ventilation Square Fan 220V 12/12, upon request Special Fan 220 V 15/60

Interior Decoration of Cabin

Interior coatings of our production STONEHENGE model elevator cabin consists of special imported stone coating. Special stone coating is laid horizontal. Side elevator cabin walls consist of 6 pieces. Special stone is dirt resistant and odour absorber. According to our customers’ requests interior membrane coatings color may be customized.

Elevator Cabin Interior Accessories

Between the special stone coatings, black mirror stainless steel was placed as an accessory.

Elevator Cabin Mirror

1/3 two pieces full height 6 mm bisote mirror is used in our STONEHENGE model elevator cabin.

Elevator Cabin Floor

In our STONEHENGE model cabin 20 mm special natural granite is used for flooring. According to our clients requests standard granite stone coating is also applicable.

Elevator Cabin Ceiling

In our STONEHENGE model elevator cabin internal electrical installations and lighting are ready to use in the elevator ceiling. Our elevator cabin ceiling is designed as a hinged system easily opening from inside. In this way, the lighting in the ceiling of the elevator car can be easily modified without departing from the cabin. Elevator ceiling consist of laser-cut patterned stainless steel mirror.

Elevator Cabin Handrail

Our elevator cabin interior handle consist of 4 pieces half size stainless handrails in front of the mirror. Thanks to the handrail fixation application, slackening problem of handrail can easily be solved by tighten the bolts from inside the elevator cabin. At the same time if needed it is possible to change the handrail from inside of the elevator cabin.

Elevator Cabin Ventilation

The ventilation holes consist on the cabin walls for the lift car interior ventilation system. Withal there is a 220 V 12x12 square fan ventilation system in the cabin ceiling.  More powerful 220 V 15/60 special square fan ventilation system is optional.

Other Specifications

External plug-in system cabin walls provide easy installation opportunity during the installations. Standard bolted railing, skirt sheet, tube magnetic sheet, flexible chock connection sheet and railing foot bump sheet is delivered with our STONEHENGE model elevator cabin.

Place of Use

STONEHENGE model elevator cabin may be used in residential buildings, villa, hotel and commercial buildings.